About us

FAT LTD is Bulgarian manufacturer of composite kitchen sinks and sills for shower cabines with main office and production based in Plovdiv.

The company was established in 1982 as a small family enterprise for production of advertising souvenirs, based on polyester resin as a main row material. Gradually the collected experience, the innovative spirit of the team and the focusing on the client lead to the expansion of production and made FAT a leading Bulgarian producer of sanitary products from composite materials.

FAT implemented a System for Quaity management - ISO 9001:2008, and a System for environmental management - ISO 14001:2004.

FAT products are result of a 30 years of expirience, directed entirely to the the permanent improvement of quality, functionality and aesthetics in all our products.

The innovative design and the wide range of models, colors and materials are our response to the growing needs of our customers for better quality.


Our values and principles

The company's philosophy reflects our commitment to the values and principles that guide us in our daily communication with our employees, customers and partners.

Correctness - we realize our responsibility and observe the promises and commitments.

Empathy – creating the right conditions to stimulate our employees to participate fully and to carry on with their activities initiatevly.

Customer orientation – we strive to satisfy the current and future needs of our clients.

Quality - continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services is the basis of all our activities.

Mutually beneficial relationships with our partners – based on the principle, that for the creation of a quality products is necessary to use high-quality materials, we choose suppliers among the leading manufacturers of materials and equipment and build relationships with them, based on mutually beneficial solutions, responsibility and trust.

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