One bowl sink51х51cm

Series: Classic
Installation method: Inset
Cabinet widht: 55 cm
Dimensions: 51 x 51 cm
Bowl dimensions: 43 x 43 cm
Bowl depth: 21 cm
Mounting hole: 49 x 49 cm
Weight: 13.5 kg
Cast marble
97BGN 128BGN
Select a color:Not selected
Select a hole option:Not selected

Options for drilling holes for a kitchen mixer, soap dispencer, pop-up button for automatic syphone and possible option for undermount installation

  • Two holes by installation of a kitche mixer and soap dispencer
  • Three holes by installation of a kitche mixer, soap dispencer and a third accessory
  • No possibility for drilling hole for kitche mixer and soap dispencer
  • drilled hole - Ø35
  • Pre-drilled hole
If there is no option for hole chosen, the sink will be delivered without a drilled hole

Features of the FAT kitchen sinks

  • Specific structure of the material that reduces the noise from the water falling in the bowl;
  • High level of UV – resistance – the colors remain bright even by using the sink outdoor ;
  • Specific structure of the surface coating with high resistance of aggressive chemicals /except abrasives/. The smooth and non-porous coating prevents the formation of stains and overlays and provides a quick and easy cleaning;
  • Perfectly straight lines of the mounting surfaces;
  • A deep bowl on all models;
  • Pre-drilled holes for mixing battery or soap dispencer;
  • A big variety of modells and colors;
  • A high-level antibacterial protection due to the adding of silver ions to the material during the production.
  • High scratch - and impact resistance by FATGRANIT material;
  • Complectation with an /3 ½” siphon with overflow and a paper template for a presize cutting the montage hole on the countertop.

Drilling of the pre-drilled holes for a mixing faucet and / or a dispenser for liquid soap:

Attention: drilling ALWAYS has to be done from the front side of the sink.
  • Using a hammer and drill tool, tap several times on the marked center;
  • Continue the knoking from the center of the hole to the periphery until the hole is well formed;
  • Clean and shape the hole with sandpaper or other suitable abrasive tool.

Installation of FAT Kitchen sinks

  • Use the paper tempate, draw the necesery place on the kitchen worktop;
  • Cut out the counter inside the marked outlines - the lines have to remain visible after cutting;
  • If necessary, drill the holes for a mixing baterry and / or a dispenser for liquid soap according to the instructions below;
  • Clean the contact surfaces with alcohol - those of the counter and the sink, and then apply a thin layer of transparent silicone;
  • Place the sink into the cuted hole and press it gently to the worktop using a heavy object;
  • Remove the silicone leaked around the edges and clean the rests;
  • After the final drying of silicon remove the pressing subject - the sink is ready for use.

Cast Marble / Granixit Sinks

The heavy kitchenware often has rough/sharp surfaces and edges – use a suitable protective pad to protect the sink bottom

  • Falling of sharp and heavy objects in/on the sink can damage its surface.
  • Do not place hot kitchenware directly from the oven on the sink – risk on damage for the surface coating.
  • Clean daily the sink with a soft sponge and dish soap, then rinse with warm water, if necessary, we recommend using of degreaser and anti-limescale preparation
  • Wipe with a soft dry to prevent the formation of limestone and stains.
  • For persistent stains, rub the area with a soft sponge, using any cleaning agents (without abrasive) or agents for limestone cleaning available on the market . After finish the cleaning rinse sink thoroughly with water.
Attention! Do not use any abrasive materials or sharp objects for cleaning the sink – it may damage the surface. The specific lay-up of the Fat sinks does not allowed the generation and retention of contaminants.

Fatgranit sinks

Maintaining a granite sink is easy if it’s regularly cleaned.

The longer the stains stay on the sink, that harder it would be to get rid of them.

Here are some other advises from us for removing other pollutions, stains, colorizations or traces of metal objects:

  • Don’t place hot kitchen utensils directly from the stove on the sink – there is a risk of damage surface - deformation, staining, even cracking
  • Don’t not use your sink as a cutting board
  • To get rid of stains and/or lime scale incrustation, spread the detergent evenly with the abrasive part of the cleaning sponge over the dry part of the sink, rub it and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After that rinse with water and dry it out.
  • For more stubborn stains – repeat and let the detergent sit for about 15-20 minutes.
  • For getting rid of traces, caused by metal objects over the sink surface, use an abrasive cleaning detergent with a creamlike consistency. Dry out the surface of the sink, spread the detergent and let it sit for about 15 minutes. With the abrasive part of the cleaning sponge thoroughly rub the surface. Rinse with water and dry out
  • Attention! While cleaning do not use aggressive chemicals that contain caustic soda, formic acid and others similar to that kind. Also do not use highly corrosive detergents – there is a risk of damaging the sink surface – decolorization or bleaching.

    Instruction for drilling faucet holes:

    • Remove the sink from the box, and place with face heading up, on a stabile surface.
    • Faucet holes will be perforated before installing the sink into the kitchen worktop.
    • Kitchen sinks FAT have pre fixed faucet holes. Choose the ones you prefer.
    • With the sharp edge of a small hammer hit a few times only in the marked center.
    • !!! Perforating the sink/knocking the marked center will take place only on the upper side surface (face of the sink).
    • Continue knocking with light hits from center of the hole to the edge of it, until forming the final form of the hole.
    • Leftover pieces of material/dust may be smoothed with sand paper, sand razor, or any appropriate abrasive.
    • If, after perforating the faucet hole is wished re-packing and transporting the product, it is needed to clean the functional side of the sink

    Included in set:

    • Italian syphone Ø90 with overflow and additional connector for washing mashine/ dishwasher
    • paper template for worktop cutting
    • Certificates and instructions

    The situation pictures are illustrative, the displayed accessories are not included in the complete set of the sinks.

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